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Your Name Method

YNM is the method that never fail’s you. it keeps on giving. All you need and then some. It’s all up to you🙏

You cant do anything wrong as it’s developed by you. as you go along It’s Next Generation Mindfulness™ 

 The sound files are used to assist you in your path to find your own method. The guided sound fies are availeble for digital download on purchase. 

Birger | Next Generation Mindfulness lydfiler


Herunder findes et par specialproducerede Next Generation Mindfulness lydfiler til forskellige formål. 

Skal og kan anvendes nårsomhelst og hvorsomhelst.

Lydfilerne bliver leveret med det samme som digital download.

Next Generation Mindfulness™ to support you, finding 'Your Name Method'
Breathwork Guided Meditation files

Box Breathing is always the place to start
Balance is the best state at all times

There is no time for complexity, in a war 

– Navy Seals Commander  Mark Divine

Go Deep Breathwork session
Finding you 'Mojo' Flow state 20 min session

What I can do, everyone can do, it’s only training

– Wim ‘The Iceman’ Hof

Er du klar til at vække din indre super power?
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