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Poland Retreat 2025

Cold Exposure

A Wonderful Gift From Nature

Poland Retreat 2025
Afspil video

Here is the why you should travel with me to Poland. This was my first trip as Guide

Afspil video om Birger Hanzen | Kulde- og åndedrætstræner

Here is the why you should come with me to Poland. This is my first trip with Wim as Guide

Enjoy The Best Experience

What is Breathwork ? Transform Your Life with the Power of Conscious Breathing.
The Ultimate Breathwork Adventure in Poland

You Have to Experience It to Believe It!”

Join us on this remarkable retreat, alongside 25 individuals who have embarked on this transformative journey over the past two years. 

Just last year, we were honored to have Marco Evaristti join us, and he mastered the Wim Hof method during his stay. 

This is where he honed his technique, preparing himself for the ultimate ascent – Mount Everest.

In addition, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the principles underlying all Breathwork methods.

Unlock More Energy

Discover Serenity When You Need It

Achieve Balance Anytime, Anywhere

These retreats is open to everyone, whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced practitioner.

But being well-prepared never hurts. For those who wants to join but needs to be prepared the VIP is your choice. 

On our VIP tour, we provide comprehensive 8 weeks preparation program so that you’ll have no doubts about your readiness.

Remember, it’s as simple as breathing!

Retreat Polen

Enjoy The Best Experience

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to be a part of something extraordinary. Your adventure begins here.

Get In touch if you want to join us in feburary 2025



Hvad er Breathwork og Kulde eksponering godt for

You have to breathe through your nose 99% of the time, especially at night. To support the beneficial and necessary nightly recovery with the best possible oxygenation of the blood.

Read more here from what Danish researchers and senior doctors think about breathing with the nose and mouth.

Do you breathe through your mouth every day? Then you are doing it wrong. The nose oxygenates the body's cells better and reduces the risk of lung infections, says the chief physician.

Optimal breathing can make a difference

You only breathe with your mouth when you can't help it in connection with sports or other pursuits of physical performance.

Yes and no.

At a temperature below 18c, the body must react.

However, the water should preferably drop below 14 degrees Celsius to have an effect that is supported by both science and data from the world of sports.

Below 10c, you get a mental reset of electro shock size.

It is said that Electro Shock is still used in psychiatry for severe depression or other severe mental disorders.

Below 4c you get maximum effect.

Boost of Immune Defense *  Boost of Testeterone 530% * Boost of Dopamine 250% *

In the case of running water or when moving in water, a chill factor must be added.

Placebo is real.

Hear what Stanford Professor Andrew Hubermann has to say about placebos and the effect of the power of expectation.

It's as sweaty as changing a habit. Even if it is a bad habit. It is your trauma that stands between you and a happy ending. That's why I call my journey into the mind my trauma adventure.

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