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Polen Retreat 2024 - Week 6 & 9

Cold Exposure

A Wonderful Gift From Nature

Polen Retreat 2024 - Week 6 & 9
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Here is the why you should travel with me to Poland. This was my first trip as Guide

Afspil video om Birger Hanzen | Kulde- og åndedrætstræner

Here is the why you should come with me to Poland. This is my first trip with Wim as Guide

Enjoy The Best Experience

What is Breathwork ? Transform Your Life with the Power of Conscious Breathing.
The Ultimate Breathwork Adventure in Poland

You Have to Experience It to Believe It!”

Join us on this remarkable retreat, alongside 25 individuals who have embarked on this transformative journey over the past two years. 

Just last year, we were honored to have Marco Evaristti join us, and he mastered the Wim Hof method during his stay. 

This is where he honed his technique, preparing himself for the ultimate ascent – Mount Everest.

In addition, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the principles underlying all Breathwork methods.

Unlock More Energy

Discover Serenity When You Need It

Achieve Balance Anytime, Anywhere

These retreats is open to everyone, whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced practitioner.

But being well-prepared never hurts. For those who wants to join but needs to be prepared the VIP is your choice. 

On our VIP tour, we provide comprehensive 8 weeks preparation program so that you’ll have no doubts about your readiness.

Remember, it’s as simple as breathing!

Week 6 is 2-7 Februar Just 20 spots

Week 6 is 2-7 Februar just 20 spots

No prep needed – You are ready – Follow your intuition – Just go

Gear list will be sent when you booking goes through

I will facilitate as many zoom calls as needed so you can get a feel if it’s something for you. Will be hosted in october and november. 

Now, here’s the kicker: No need to spend endless hours preparing. You’re already equipped, both in mind and spirit, to embark on this extraordinary journey. Simply trust your instincts and let your intuition guide you. The call to adventure awaits, and it’s time to answer.

Week 9 is 23-28 Februar Just 12 spots

  • 8 weeks prep –  8 x 1:1 sessions with Birger Hanzen
  • Starts from 1 November
  • Contact me if your interested 
  • Ultimate control over body and mind is included
  • Become an Breathwork biohacker
  • Become an Breathwork biohack facilitator
  • An before and after suPar test suPAR test Din biologiske alder er lig med din kroniske inflammations niveau
  • Get a return flight to Havel (Prag) airport and the rest is included

Now, here’s the kicker: Within 3 months you will have transformed your life. This bucket list trip is a copy of my own journey from half time sick to fulltime breathwork biohacker over the last 5,5 years. Condensed into 8 sessions over 3 months and the topping it all off with an trip to the depths of your inner iceberg. Becomming an Breathwork biohacker and facilitator.

Enjoy The Best Experience

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to be a part of something extraordinary. Your adventure begins here.

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